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Tankers Add-on (Copper Update!)

Tankers Add-on (Copper Update!)
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This add-on helps you store your liquids during travels using one entity. You can store up to 20 and you can stack them as well, this makes them useful and convenient at the same!

Iron Tanker

This is crafted using anvils and a cauldron. Costs 255 iron ingots, because they're indestructible (they can't be blown up by TNT). They can store data when you remove them, even if you break them.


Glass tanker

These are crafted using glass and a cauldron, this is only a cheaper alternative if you don't want to gather as much iron ingots.

WARNING: Glass tankers do not store data when broken, they are easily breakable too (since they're made of glass).

Copper tanker

This is a cheaper alternative for the iron tanker, it has the same ability to store data upon destruction but it can be blown up. This is the only tanker that CANNOT store LAVA, it's not a bug either because it makes sense. This tanker is made from WAXED copper blocks, so don't mistake the yellow 'M' for something else.

General purpose

From the previous version, they're entities. In the new update, they're blocks.
To stack the tankers (as seen from the previous image), sneak/crouch to do so.
Don't use a bucket if a tanker contains milk/water/lava if you want to remove it.
Don't use a bowl if a tanker contains beetroot soup/mushroom stew/rabbit stew if you want to remove it.
In one inventory slot, you can have up to 1,280 buckets of water!
To store a liquid, you can interact and store up to 20 of the following:
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Lava (cannot be contained by the copper tankers)
  • Beetroot soup
  • Rabbit stew
  • Mushroom stew
  • Honey
  • Bottle o' enchanting
  • Dragon's breath
  • Powder snow
New video demonstration


Make sure to turn on ALL experimental gameplay features to enjoy this add-on to the fullest.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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