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Topiary Add-on (1.16.200+)

Topiary Add-on (1.16.200+)
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This is a decorative add-on that adds leafier leaves. This add-on allows you to decorate your world with leaves from all vanilla trees. You can make them bushier or shear them. This is a just a concept idea for a future updateb when vanilla blocks can finally be customized, I'm gonna look forward to it.


There are 3 types of saplings that you can grow using bone meal, these saplings don't grow themselves since they're modified.
When interacted with bone meal, it won't grow properly under a roof. The growth will be cut off.


Grows into a tall and thin tree

Box shrub

Grows into a small shrub with full edges

Round shrub

Grows into a small shrub with less edges

Bushy leaves

To obtain these in survival, you need to combine a block of leaves and bonemeal to get the bushier version.
To decrease the amount of leaves, you can interact with the block using shears.
To increase the amount of leabes, you can interact with the block using bone meal.
There are only 3 stages (bushy, bushier, and bushiest).
You can turn the custom block into a vanilla block when shearing the "bushy" stage.


Make sure to turn on ALL experimental gameplay features to enjoy this add-on to the fullest.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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