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Just A Catamaran

Just A Catamaran
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Explore the sea on your own catamaran. become the best sailor alone or with company, put your hat on and go for treasures. or if you want sit and enjoy the sun rise i middle of the ocean. but what is a catamaran? is a light boat with sail.

this addon includes a new vehicle called catamaran, a ligth boat that let you explore the ocean with your friends, or alone if you preffer. 
for make the sail: put 3 logs vertically and 4 wools, you obtain 1 sail.
for craft the plastic:
2 iron blocks in the sides and 1 coal block in the middle, you obtain 3 plastics.
for craft the base:
put 3 plastics in horizontal, you obtain the base.
put the sail over the base and obtain a "summon catamaran".
if you want a sailing hat just put 1leather hat and 2 wools at the sides.
and you are ready for explore the sea!
for use the catamaran, use the item for summon the catamaran in the water, (or earth if you want), and press the rigth click to mount it. then is like to ride a boat.


extrack them and then go to:
and paste them in their respective folders

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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