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Raiyons Java Combat Addon

Raiyons Java Combat Addon
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Have you ever wanted your Bedrock experience to be closer to Java?
Well if so, this addon is for you!
This addon adds a combat system quite faithful to Java

Java Combat 

Java combat is based on the cooldown which is a certain time with a weapon / tool in which you can do the maximum damage with it and can be visually seen as a loading bar below the cursor
This mechanic leads to quite interesting PvP

Cooldown List

Each tool has a different cooldown and this is present when attacking or changing tools / weapons
Swords 0.60
Pickaxes 0.85
Shovels 1.0
Trident 0.90
Any item other than a weapon / tool 0.25

Axe Cooldown

With axes, the cooldown is a bit different, as the better the quality, the lower the cooldown
Apart from this, the axes despite being vanilla have the same damage as those of Java
This happens the same way with hoes

Shield and shield blocking

When attacking someone with an active shield you will not receive kb the same as Java shields
In addition to this, the mechanic of blocking shields with a loaded axe for 5 seconds is also present

Sweeping attack

Then attacking with a charged sword you will make an attack that will damage all mobs near you only if it is not a critical hit
Sorry for the quality of the gifs, but mcpedl only allows gifs of no more than 2mb
Fix drops and xp when eliminating mobs with sweep attack and added damage from rocket crossbows like java
In this update I lowered the opacity of the cooldown bar and fixed xp dropping not working in 1.17
In this update it was added:
The sound of when another player uses the shield as java
The shield can be broken
The sound of a critical hit
Experimental game mode is required and only the left-hand shield works at the moment


In order for the addon to work correctly, it is necessary to use the experimental game mode and place the resource and behavior pack.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.200



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