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A Little More Cave! [Texture Update]

A Little More Cave! [Texture Update]
Addons for Minecraft PE
This Addon adds new items,blocks and to the caves.. but these are just little Features that will make the caves even better. 
a few nice features like a new Geode or a new Ore.
New building blocks or EVEN new Mobs? New Crystals? Well you see what will come for you :>
So hope you have fun!
Turn on All Experimental Gameplay feature so have fun mining

All new blocks/items 

Ageta Geodes:

Ageta Geodes spawn randomly everywhere.

The 4 stages of the shards grow on Ageta Geode blocks which rather can be found in Geodes or can be crafted.
You can't get them per breaking! Keep that in mind.
you need a Pickaxe to break the last stage and it has a 80% Chance of dropping 2 shards.

You can make 5 Items/Blocks with Ageta shards!

Lighted Glass (Self Explaning)
Can be crafted with 4 Shards and 1 glass.

Crystal Lantern
Has the light level between normal and soul lantern 
Healing Amulet 
Makes you unkillable (Exept for Iron golems and above)
Strength Amulet
Gives you strenght 
Now the Good omen Amulet.
This removes ALL Bad effects
All Amulets can be held in offhand!

Volcanic rock generates randomly.
Ageta Geodes Generat everywhere.

Now  a few featues:
first itacolumite.
this is a new Stone type which spawns beetwen Y=16=26
The walls Of Itacolumite when interact with will change their forms
There also are itacolumite ores. These are like normal ores. You also can do a lot with itacolumite!

Lava sponge and star Amulet and they textures are w.i.p and they can be obtained per commands.
The Lava sponge removes lava around it when placed. The Powder cane Is like Sugar cane. Just with Gun powder
New recipes:
You can craft Stone swords,pickaxe and axes with granit,diort and andesite and stone (also polished versions)
But only the furnace can be crafted with mixing them


A new ore!

Adamite is blast proof and it can't despawn.
 A fuel and a Adamite crystal can smelt 99 ITEMS. The block is 10x stronger 
you need atleast a diamond pic to mine it. The tools are really fast and strong. They are crafted like normal tools and armor.
These spawn randomly. BE CAREULL!
A new cave type.
Void caves. These are cracks in the bedrock And a new block called CRACKED BEDROCK. This can only be mined with an Adamite pickaxe.


This Growth spawns really deep down. It makes an Creppy Ambient sound. And it spawns new flowers/crops. Like the Dark Lichens which delet every light sourch nearby. Or the Bone flower (only be placed on stone) which can be made to bones. Or the Grave flower (Only be placed on Gravel=  which drops Dark lichens 
recipe for the Corrupted Growth:
Pots and Lava Infested Stone are new blocks.
Pots (common) Spawn new loot when broken. These spawn natrualy Anywhere 
Loot table:
Iron ingot
Lava infested stone is a Dangerous block.
Its kinda a lucky block.
When breaking it it can drop very good loot.! like Iron or Gold.
Or spawn Lava at it. There is a higher chance for Lava through since the block isn't really rare.
This is a only crafteble block which breaks any block. Bedrock aswell.
But if bedrock gets broken it drops a Bedrock shard. It has no uses yet through
These Are ores which drop more. These Spawn in Completly different Y Levels then the normal ones. The Redstone is the most common.
Changed the Texture of some blocks!
Here is an video which explains the features better


just install it :)

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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