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Socketed Weapons

Socketed Weapons
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Socketed Weapons adds 16 new swords, 1 new melee/throwable weapon, 2 new gemstones, 2 new blocks, 2 new ores and a custom crafting table. Enhance your Minecraft game with these powerful new weapons!

Enhance your Minecraft game with these powerful new weapons! Also check out the Socketed Armor add-on for 17 new sets of armor to go with your swords! 


Introducing Daggers, the stackable, throwable melee weapon! The daggers are ok for hand to hand combat, but where they really shine is when you throw them. With lightning speed the dagger flies from your hand to your target. If it hits, it's destroyed, like an arrow. If you miss you better go pick it up before someone else does. Able to craft anywhere, all you need is a stick and an iron ingot to net you 4 of these guys. You can even hold them in your offhand!



Jeweler's Table

After you've wasted too much time throwing daggers everywhere you will want to try the new socketed swords. First, however, you will need a workspace to socket your gem. That's where the Jeweler's Table comes in. Some slabs, sticks and a gold ingot will let you make one of these special crafting tables. You can use any overworld wooden slab.



Socketed Weapons

Now that you have your Jeweler's Table you are ready to get some powerful weapons. Two more things you will need to get firs is a fresh sword, Iron, Gold, Diamond or Netherite and one of the four gems, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire. You can get the new gems by mining for them around the same area as diamonds. Each gem provides different effects, each sword changes the strength and duration of the effects.


If you socket a Ruby, your sword will get a 50% damage boost and if you use it you will get the Strength effect.




If you socket an Emerald, your sword will give you Regeneration for a short time as well as Absorption when used. This sword comes with a cooldown so it can't be abused.




If you socket a Diamond, your sword will have double the durability and gives you Resistance effect when used.




If you socket a Sapphire, your sword will give you both the Jump Boost and Speed effects when used.



Blocks and Ore

The new gems can be crafted into blocks like the vanilla ones and the Ruby and Sapphire ore can be mined up at the same levels as Diamond. You can also use the Jeweler's Table to craft gems into blocks or blocks to gems.


To install simply download and run the .mcaddon. Experimental features must be on.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17


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