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Spawn Crafter Add-on (1.14+)

Spawn Crafter Add-on (1.14+)
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This is an add-on that allows the player to harvest remnants from mobs that can allow you to craft spawn eggs. By using two items, you can collect remnant orbs from mobs, however you can't use it on them for more than one time because this will be too over-powered.

Spawn crafter

This is a modified enchanting table used to fuse an egg and a remnant orb; fusing such items will create a spawn egg.

Remnant orbs

To obtain this item, you need to swing the "Remnant dagger" near a mob. This will give them a green mark. After doing so, swing the "Remnant harvester" near a mob and you will see a glowing figure of the mob you marked. The figure will drop the remnant orb.
Can be harvested from all mobs except for the following:
  • Snow golem
  • Iron golem
  • Ender dragon
  • Wither boss

Remnant stone

Used to craft the Remnant dagger and Remnant harvester items.

Remnant dagger

  • 6 damage
  • Low durability
  • This item is used to mark entities for harvesting.

Remnant harvester

  • 10 damage
  • Low durability
  • This item is used to harvest remnants from mobs that have been marked using the remnant dagger.

Spawn eggs

Crafted from fusing a remnant orb and an egg inside of a Spawn crafter.

Remnant powder

This item is used to craft mob spawners.

Mob spawners

You can craft mob spawners using the remnant powder and iron bars.


Make sure to turn on ALL experimental gameplay features to enjoy this add-on to the fullest.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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