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Tal's Armor Rework

Tal's Armor Rework
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This add-on reimagines the armor textures whilst attempting to stay true to their vanilla roots. It also fixes the flickering texture issue on player armor and tweaks some of the recipes so that iron, diamond and netherite armor follow more of a tiered progression.

Big Update!



This update adds 6 new subpacks for you to select.
Option 1:
This is the default option from the previous version.
Option 2:
This option displays the default armor but hides the helm for players. You can still see the helm on mobs and in the armor slot, as shown below. If you mouse over the helm it will say "(Hidden)" after its name.
Option 3 (My new favourite ?) :
This option adds an all new wolf-themed variant to the armors, which includes a new wolf design on all belts and the shield. Also the iron, diamond and netherite helmets now share a 3D wolf head design. Finally, there are new icons for the affected items as shown below:
This pack will come in very handy for a custom skin pack that I'm working on which follows the same theme. Stay tuned! 
Option 4:
With this subpack you can choose to hide the helm like in option 2.
Option 5:
This subpack adds the option for "lite" style armors for those who'd like to display more of their skins. I have also changed the icons and item names to reflect this new look. I've only changed the armor for the chain, iron, diamond and netherite sets at the moment as they're the most commonly used. It also only changes the look of the player.
Option 6:
As you might expect, this is the same as the "lite" armors but with hidden helms.

New Icons

There are now new matching textures for all relevant weapons, tools and armor pieces:

Armor Sets (with updated shield texture and model)

Leather Armor:

Dyed Leather Armor:

Golden Armor (with updated golden sword):

Chain Armor:

The iron, diamond and netherite armors follow a tiered progression as seen below.
Iron Armor (with updated iron sword):

Diamond Armor (with updated diamond sword):
(It now has diamonds set into each of the armor pieces and adds wrist-plates.)
Netherite Armor (with updated Netherite Sword):
(The Netherite Armor retains the diamonds but now offers more protection to the face, the wrist plates are now gauntlets and the boots are taller. It also adds a gold trim to reflect the gold needed to craft it.)


New Recipes

The recipes have been updated to include diamond weapons, tools and armor.
You now need to add the corresponding piece of iron weapons, tools or armor to craft its diamond version (similar to crafting netherite armor) as shown below:

 Player model tweaks

Finally, I have also tweaked the player model to reduce the amount of flickering that seems to occur when two textures are rendered on top of each other. You can see this most obviously in the legs and boots. The side effect is that it does make the legs and boots seem a bit slimmer.


  • Download the mcaddon and activate the behaviour and resource pack in your world (1st link).
  • If you want the textures only, download just the resource pack (2nd link).
  • If you want a version which works with EDUCATION EDITION use the 3rd link ;)
  • NEW If you want a Stand-alone pack which works on REALMS us the 4th link. You will need to first unzip the file to your desktop then install the .mcpack you'd like to use.
*Remember, don't forget to activate them in your world as well!*
*Click on the options cog to select the subpack you want*

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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