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Dragon Add-On

Dragon Add-On
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Dragons! Everybody needs a pet dragon (or two) but you'll have to be brave and lucky! Mostly lucky I think. We have several types of dragons and a few unique dragon soldiers and wizards.

Noctis (night) Dragon...
The ice dragon...
The fire dragon (aka wyvern)....
And the originals...

Noctis (Night) Dragon

Step 1: Find a Night Scout. You can find him wandering the Extreme Hills biomes during the night. He is neutral (towards the player, not towards chickens or butterflies). 
Step 2: Attack him and he'll attack you right back. Once defeated he'll summon a bunch of Night Soldiers, including the dreaded Executioner and his big ol' axe. 
Step 3: Defeat the Executioner and he'll drop a Noctis spawn egg, with which you can spawn in one Noctis Dragon.
Step 4: Spawn the dragon in and attempt to tame it with cod.
Flying your dragon around will grant you temporary night vision.
If you dig around where the night soldiers spawned in, you might find their supply barrel, full of goodies.
You don't want to mess with this gentleman.

Wyvern (the fire breathing dragon)

Not easy to find I'm afraid. You'll need to locate a Swamp Hills ( biome and then, as for the cute Velox dragons, wait for sunrise / sunset; not too dark not too bright, it's got to be just right. You can tame them with tropical fish. They can't wear armor but boy they can sure throw a good fireball or ten. If a mob gets too close for a fireball they'll unleash a melee attack and teach that mob a lesson about the importance of social distancing.
Heal these guys with tropical fish, cod or salmon.

Ferox (Ferocious) Dragons

The easiest of them all to find, but you'll have to defeat a Dragon Wizard to get the spawn egg. And before you get to the Dragon Wizard you'll have to defeat his merry band of Dragon Hunters.
Step 1: Find a Dragon Scout. You can find him wandering the Plains biomes during the day. He is neutral (towards the player, not towards chickens or butterflies). 
Step 2: If you're ready for a fight, give him a tap and he'll turn aggressive towards you. Defeat him and he'll blow his horn which reveals (ok, it actually creates) the nearby band of Dragon Hunters. These hunters will immediately attack you, and they're not easy to defeat.
Step 3: Defeat the Dragon Wizard. He'll drop a Ferox Dragon spawn egg.
Step 4: Spawn the dragon in and attempt to tame it with cod.

Velox (Fast) Dragons

Much harder to find, but much cuter. You'll need to find yourself a Snowy Taiga Mountains biome ( and wait for sunrise or sunset (they don't spawn at night or during the day). The black ones are not tameable. If you find a non-black one, you may attempt to tame it with tropical fish (aka clown fish). You might also get lucky and find an Ice Dragon, which you may recognize by the blue patterns on their bodies. Fly these guys low over water and they'll freeze it!
PrinceMJ did a very nice review, thank you sir!

Equipping your Dragon

To equip your dragon with a saddle and netherite dragon armor (either crafted or dropped by the Dragon Armorer) you must interact whilst holding whichever item you want to equip. On PC this means holding the saddle and right-clicking your dragon. On mobile hold the saddle and long-press your dragon.
To take the item off you must interact with the dragon whilst holding a blaze rod. 

Dragon armor

The easiest way to obtain this is to defeat a Dragon Armorer. You can also craft this armor with four netherite ingots in a 2x2 pattern.

Flying your Dragon

You need to add a saddle, once done, interact like you were riding a horse and then look up and jump. Once in the air you just look up to fly higher and look down to fly lower. Easy!

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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