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Arid V1.0.1

Arid V1.0.1
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Arid is a desert overhaul addon that will improve your experience while exploring the desert biomes featuring many new things ranging from new dungeons, new structures, new mobs, new weapons, and a lot more!  

Here is a trailer if you are interested in watching.

New Blocks

There are many new natural blocks that will spawn in desert caves. You can even get a new ore.
Some blocks spawn in different Y levels but know that the ore, known as Desert Crystal will always spawn at Y 65 or lower!
The blocks are purely for decoration, except for the ore. The ore can be used to craft new gear.
The New Blocks That Can Generate:
  • Mica
  • Sandy Gneiss
  • Quartz Gneiss
  • Schist
  • Desert Crystal Ore

Desert Crystal Gear

All Desert Crystal tools and armor have a durability of 325.
Sword: 6.5 Attack
Axe: 5.5 Attack
Pickaxe: 4.5 Attack, can break whatever an Iron Pickaxe can
Hoe: 4.5 Attack
Shovel: 3.5 Attack
Armor provides 9.5/10 bars. Thats 0.5 less then Diamond/Netherite.
All gear can be enchanted.


Sand Dunes just add to the environment to make it look nicer. There are 3 variants of it, tiny, medium and large. 
This is a Dead Tree, this is a good early wood source. There are 3 variants, small, medium, and large.
This is the Oasis, this is a good source of coconuts, water, and wood. 
The Palm Logs can be turned into planks.
The Planks can be used for slabs/stairs too.
You can also make wooden tools, sticks, and a crafting table.
The coconuts can be used for a new potion. That provides useful effects.
To craft this potion you will need coconuts and Desert Crawler Eyes. Desert Crawler Eyes drop off of Desert Crawlers, more information on them below.
The coconuts must be split before used. To do this craft the splitter.
The Splitters' current use is for splitting coconuts into halves. In the future though there will be many more uses for it.
Anyways, once you have the coconut half you can craft the potion.
The effects received from drinking this is regeneration, resistance, and speed all amplifiers of 2 and last for 30 seconds.
Next structure is the biggest and most exciting one!
The Pyramid Dungeon!
This is a huge dungeon full of many surprises, mobs, treasures, and lots of fun!
There is also a boss battle at the end!
I will not spoil the inside, so have fun exploring :)


  • 30 Health
  • 6 Attack
  • Sometimes spawns with gear
  • Spawns ONLY in Pyramid Dungeons
  • Drops 0-2 Mummy Cloth
Mummy Cloth can be used to craft paper or to be used as a fuel source in furnaces/variants.
Desert Crawler:
  • 20 Health
  • 3 Attack
  • Spawns at night in deserts and can spawn in Pyramid Dungeons
  • Drops 0-2 String, or 0-2 Desert Crawler Eyes
  • 1 Health
  • Passive
  • Spawns commonly in deserts
  • Drops 0-2 sticks, 0-2 deadbush
  • 350 Health
  • Shoots Poison traps at you, stepping on them will poison you or other mobs.
  • Can summon 2 mummies periodically
  • Drops a lot of goodies, has a 20%  chance to drop the Anubis Staff.
This is the Anubis Staff. (It is not a 3d model because I didn't want this addon to use player.json). 
The Anubis Staff has 2 attacks...
The first attack is the default when you hit a mob normally, it will poison and slow that enemy.
The 2nd attack is activated when you long press, right click, or left trigger. 
You will poison every nearby hostile mob.




  • Bamr131 for making a palm, schist, and gneiss textures and for building dead trees/oasis.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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