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3rd Life Add-on

3rd Life Add-on
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3 lives, if you die you're sent to a custom spectator mode. There's a customizable world border in place. This is not a perfect recreation of the Java SMP, colored names are either too hard or not possible in Bedrock Edition at the current moment in time. Enjoy!This pack does not require prior setup, by applying the pack, you're good to go!

This add-on comes with 2 packs, a behavior pack, and an optional resource pack. The resource pack is just for aesthetic purposes, giving you a spectator head texture. Unfortunately with the current add-on functionality, this cannot change depending on the skin:
If you are in multiplayer, then your lives remaining will display below your name. After you die 3 times, you are sent into spectator mode. In your hotbar, you will have 5 items:
Milk clears all effects you have
Feather gives you levitation for 30 seconds
Book explains what I'm explaining right now
Leather Boots gives you Speed 3 for 30 seconds
Water Bottle, when used, teleports you to the nearest player. This only works in multiplayer.
You will be unable to modify the world in any way, shape, or form, while in spectator.
If you have used up all your lives and really want to leave spectator, make sure Cheats are enabled and you have Operator permissions, and then input /function cda003/reset. Conversely, if you want to enter spectator, again, make sure Cheats are enabled and you have Operator permissions, then input /function cda003/spectator.
There is a world border in place. By default, it is set to 350 blocks away from 0,0, and will warn you with blindness when you're within 20 blocks of that. Changing this is fairly simple and straightforward:
If you have a world already created with the pack
1. Navigate to your com.mojang folder. If you are unsure on how to do that on your device, use this link for information.
2. Navigate to the minecraftWorlds folder.
3. Navigate to your specific world folder. To know if it is in fact the right one, open up the levelname.txt file inside and see if it matches your world name. Just make sure you name your worlds ;)
4. In your world folder, navigate to behavior_packs/3rdLifeAdd/animation_controllers/. Open the cda003.json file inside.
     4.5. If you are unable to open the file, rename it to a .txt file extension while editing, and rename it back to a .json file extension afterwards
5. Find the line that says: "transitions": [{ "variables": "v.border_radius = 350; v.warning_distance = 20; return 1.0;" }]. You can modify the v.border_radius = 350; to something else like v.border_radius = 500;. You can do the same with v.warning_distance = 20;Do NOT remove the semicolon!
6. There you go!
If you are creating a new world, create the world first & and apply the pack, then logout and do the steps mentioned above!
Alternatively, you can modify the default border when on world creation, by skipping step 2 & 3. There's a behavior_packs folder in the com.mojang folder as well so step 4 is do-able!
If you are interested as well, there is a video showcasing all of this as well:


To Download:
1. Download the pack at the given link
2. Import it
2.5. If you are unable to import it with a tap/double click, rename the file from a .mcaddon file extension to a .zip file extension. Afterwards, unzip the folder and move the behavior pack to the behavior_packs folder and the resource pack to the resource_packs folder of the com.mojang folder
3. Apply it to your worlds
4. Enjoy!

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101
  • 1.16



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