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Frost V2.0.1

Frost V2.0.1
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Frost. A snow biome overhaul. In this addon you will find upgrades to the snow biomes! You can find new ores, blocks, trees, and more! This addon aims to make the snow biome a more survivable area. While still being a challenge to survive at the same time.

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One day, a mysterious portal opens in the sky releasing a powerful energy. This energy immediately scurried across to all the different types of snow climates/biomes. When this happened, new life formed. Beautiful blue trees grew, caves grew more frigid and unstable, and new threats emerged from this. Local villagers call this a curse as they say their crops have a harder time growing now. They also say that at night some of their animals are kidnapped and gone the next day. What happened? We still don't know yet. 
My Frost Addon aims to overhaul the snow biome by giving it much content. So now, exploring the snow biomes are much more rewarding as you can fight bosses, find new ores, craft new weapons, and way more!

Frostwood Trees

Tall stunning trees that give off a cold energy. These trees are so cold that lava freezes in 2 seconds! Just dont put your tounge on the trunks!  
Frostwood trees spawn in the snow plains and cold taigas. Sometimes you might spot a Frostwood tree forest like in the image above!
Breaking the logs will give you a Frostwood log. This wood is used for a variety of things such as making wood tools (default wood currently, i'll change this to Frostwood tools eventually)
Heres what you can craft with Frostwood!
You are able to make a crafting table too!
If theres anything else important I missed that uses normal planks please let me know :)
The leaves drop a new apple called the Frostwood apple.
Apple Stats:
  • 6 Hunger points when eaten (3 Full Bars)
  • Can be eaten at any hunger stage even full
  • Gives speed 2 for 15 seconds

New Foods

A few simple little foods to help you survive in Frost.
Both of these items above drop off of the Frozen Zombie. They can be smelted. When eaten frozen, both of these foods will give you speed. 
This is frozen beef. Drops off the ice cow, this can be eaten to receive resistance for 10 seconds or cooked to obtain raw beef.
This is the Frostbite Tonic. It isnt necessarily a food but its quite useful when exploring your Minecraft world or fighting bosses.
(Effects last for 45 seconds, other items shown in recipe are further below)

The Frozen Caves

Caves so cold nothing can survive in the depths. These caves echo with the cold wind from above reaching the deepest parts of the cave. People who ventured in these frozen caves say that the wind almost sounds like a song. Dress up when going in here! Brrrrr!
New cave generation for the snow biomes! It may not be a huge change but it definitely makes exploring more fun! 
2 new cave blocks have been added. Frozen Stone and Iced Snow. These generate naturally in snow biomes.
Frozen cobblestone will drop off of frozen stone. It can be smelted. 

Frozen Ore/Frozen Gear

In the frozen caves you may or may not come across a new ore.
Powerful frozen energy surges inside. When mined you are said to recieve horrible chills up your spine. Some miners were immidiately paralyzed after mining a frozen ore. Yikes I guess watch out!
Frozen ore allows you to make a new weapon and an armor set!
However you must smelt the ore first!
Frozen Armor is slightly less durable than iron. All armor and tools have 275 durability
Sword Stats:
  • 6 Damage
  • Enchantable
  • 275 durability
Frozen Armor Stats:
  • 4.5 Armor Bars (Full set)
  • Helmet 0.5 bars
  • Chestplate 2 bars
  • Leggings 1.5 bars
  • Boots 0.5 bar
  • All pieces have 275 durability and can all be enchanted
Frozen Tools Stats:
  • All frozen tools are slightly slower than iron when mining, but way stronger than stone!
  • All tools have 275 durability
This is not a whole armor set but it looks cool
This is the wool hat! This hat should keep you nice and warm throughout your adventure in Frost :)
Wool Hat Stats:
  • 0.5 Armor Bars
  • 100 durability

Arctic Crystal/ Arctic Gear

When adventuring deep in the Dead Tundra, you might stumble upon a brand new ore
This is the Arctic Crystal. Added in V1.3. This ore allows you to make gear BETTER THAN NETHERITE! Thats right you heard it. 
But theres a catch ;)
Its extremely difficult to obtain. The ore spawns at Y=12 and lower. And your only able to get 1-3 shards when it is mined. Then you take those shards and turn it into a crystal.
Next in order to upgrade your gear, your going to need Frozen Armor or Frozen Tools
Here are the upgrades below.
The tools are the exact same, except replace the sword with your desired tool to upgrade.
Arctic Armor Stats:
  • 11 Bars (1 More Bar than Diamond/Netherite)
  • 800 Durability (Less than Netherite)
  • Enchantable
Arctic Tool Stats:
  • Faster than Netherite but not faster than gold.
  • 800 durability for all tools
  • Sword does 9 damage, Axe 8, Pickaxe/Hoe 7, Shovel 6
  • All enchantable
I tried to keep it as balanced as possible, i dont want to break the game. If you feel something should be buffed/nerfed let me know.
This is the mage hood, it gives 1 bar. Has 200 durability.

New Staffs

V1.3 added 2 new staffs. 
This is the Ancient Necromancy Staff. You are able to summon an ally to aid you in battle. 
Lasts until the summon is killed. You can have unlimited summons active. It has a 5 second cooldown however and has 15 durability.
Icicle Staff, this will summon a large icicle that will fall and explode upon impact to ground.
5 second cooldown, doesnt damage players and doesnt destroy blocks. 10 durability.
This isnt a staff. This is a Withering Frost splash potion. This will apply wither and slowness to a mob hit by this. Both effects last 30 seconds. 

New Blocks

Your time adventuring in snow biomes will now be well worth it (if you love building)!
The 2 images above are frozen stone
The 2 images above are frozen cobblestone
4 frozen stone gives you 4 frozen stone bricks.
The 2 images above are frozen stone bricks.
This image is the recipe for a frozen ingot block.
Replicator Block (New Spawnpoint Creator)
As you can see, my spawn was set. You will respawn on top of it. So, make sure there are no blocks on top of it. You can obtain it again by breaking it. Just like a normal bed.
Necromancer's Tomb (Summons A Boss)
This block is used to summon the new Necromancer Of The Arctic miniboss!
When this block is broken it will spawn him in and the block will be destroyed.


Just to clarify, FRG was NOT used!
All structures spawn in snow biomes!
Mage Tower: Home to Frost Mages
Bandit Camp: Home to Tundra Bandits
Ruined House
Frostwood Tree Variant, very rare
These are loot crates. You will find them spawning in most Frost structures.
There are 3 tiers, the higher the tier the better the loot.
Tier 1: Frostwood (Mostly basic items)
Tier 2: Frozen Cobblestone (A few goodies here and there)
Tier 3: Frozen (Very good items)

New Mobs

This is the frozen zombie. A simple mob, its the ice variant of a normal zombie.
A gift from the frozen energy. Well not a gift for us but for the zombies it is! These zombies are packed with frozen energy, when they hit you, you will be slowed!
Frozen Zombie Stats:
  • 20 Health (Player health)
  • 6 Damage (3 hearts)
  • Slows you if your hit for 30 seconds
  • Spawns in regular snow biomes as well as Dead Tundras at night
  • 0-2 Frozen Flesh (Can be heated in furnace to become normal flesh)
  • 0-1 Icey Carrots (Can be heated in furnace to become normal carrots)
  • 0-1 Icey Potato (Can be heated to become baked potatoes).
  • Has a chance to drop whatever the entity is equipped with.
Frost V1.1 added in 1 brand new mob. This mob is called the Frost Mage.
Beings that mastered the harsh elements in the snow biome. These people were originally part of a village but were exiled. Ever since they got exiled they had to fend for themselves. Many Frozen Zombies ate them at night, but the survivors created a new use for the frozen ore. The Frozen ore is a very powerful ore. The mages created some sort of frozen gem. This frozen gem can never melt..The item they wield in their hands is the Staff of Frost. With the help of the Frozen gem, this deadly weapon is said to slow you if your shot. The exiled villagers now roam the Frozen tundras in search of villages to pillage for goods. Don't cross paths with the Frost Mages, they arent friendly!
Frost Mage Stats:
  • 20 Health (Player Health)
  • Long range only
  • 12 damage if you are hit by them (6 hearts!)
  • You will be slowed for 5 seconds if successfully hit.
  • Spawns in Mage Towers
  • 0-1 Staff of Frost
Now you yourself are able to obtain a Staff of Frost through crafting. It might be pricey so craft wisely :)
1st craft a frozen gem.
Then do this! 
Staff of Frost Stats:
  • 2 Second Attack speed
  • Single use item (each time crafted you get 5)
  • Deals 12 damage (6 hearts)
  • Applies slowness to target for 5 seconds.
You dont require mana or anything weird like that, just use it like a bow!
The next mob is the Ice Cow, added in V1.2
Used to be a normal cow until it was hit with an eternal curse to become frozen for the rest of its life. 
Ice Cow Stats:
  • 10 HP (Normal cow health)
  • Passive
  • Spawns during the day in snow biomes
  • 0-3 Frozen Beef
  • 0-2 Frozen Leather
Frozen leather can be defrosted in a furnace or blast furnace.
This mob added in V1.2 is the Frostbite Spider.
Spiders that evolved to bear the harsh climates in the Tundra. Now they are immune to the cold and hunt unsuspecting players at night. Also, their fangs are frigid.
Frostbite Spider Stats:
  • 16 Hp (Normal spider)
  • Hostile any time during day/night
  • Applies slowness when you are bitten
  • Spawns at night in snow biomes
  • 0-1 Frozen Spider Eye
  • 0-2 String
This mob added in V1.2 is the Tundra Adventurer, the most helpful mob added so far!
Brave adventurers that do not fear the harsh cold the snow biomes bring. They are always geared and wearing warm clothing. They always bring along their Ice Cow companions for a source of food or trading.
Tundra Adventurer Stats:
  • 80 HP (4x Player)
  • Neutral towards player
  • Hostile to any hostile mobs nearby
  • Spawns in regular snow biomes only
  • Spawns with any iron tool except hoe and shovel
  • Tradeable
  • Tamable
Tame them with Frostwood Apples!
You cannot command him to sit, because he prefers to always be adventuring. He will fight amongst you.
  • 50% Wool Hat
  • Has a chance to drop whatever iron tool spawned with.
This mob added in V1.2 is the Tundra Bandit Warrior.
More exiled villagers, they decided to call the Tundra their home because its vacant. They learned to survive as a team. They hunt together and explore together. They prefer to do it at night but they can sometimes do it during day. They are not friendly at all to anyone but their own clan.
Tundra Bandit Warrior Stats:
  • 16 Hp (Spider hp)
  • Hostile
  • Spawns in Bandit Camps
  • Spawns with a variety of different gear types.
  • 0-1 Frozen Leather
  • A chance to drop whatever they have equipped.
This next mob, added in V1.4, is the Frozen Undead Miner.
Villagers that met their unfortunate fate of freezing to death in harsh tundra caves.
Miner Stats:
  • 26 Health
  • 5 Attack Damage
  • Spawns in underground Tundras
  • 0-1 Coal
  • 0-2 Bones
  • Rarely a Stone or Iron Pickaxe (will be damaged)
When Ice Gems and Arctic Crystals are combined with a Diamond, it summons the rare Crystal Turret. This turret is filled with cold energy capable of slowing targets. During the Frost Awakening, these were used by many villagers to defend their villages from dangers. 
Turret Stats:
  • 100 Health
  • 10 Attack Damage (Fires a Burst Of 3 Projectiles)
  • Stationary and will not move, you can push them however
  • Attacks Hostile Mobs
  • None
This mob added in V1.3 is a miniboss known as the Necromancer Of The Arctic.
One day a man named Frost was studying about ice magic when suddenly a bright blue portal opened outside his home. He heard it and immediately rushed to observe it. Frost noticed millions of tiny little blue energies flying all over the tundra! As he watched, he saw normal oak trees become big beautiful Frostwood trees. He saw stone change into a dark frozen stone. He also saw many energies gather into a frozen stone block and turning it into frozen ore. He was so amazed, he rushed outside to jot some notes down in his note pad. When out of nowhere a big bright orb of energy flies straight into him! He was rendered unconscious for a about 10 seconds. When he awoke he was in the most beautiful place he had ever seen. He saw gorgeous frozen lakes, Frostwood trees glowing, many new life forms thriving. He then noticed the portal to the overworld was behind him. And then some sort of skeleton walked up to him asking please stay and become one of us! Frost thought for a second. He could either abandon his old world and stay in this dimension for research, or he can go back. Frost decided to stay in the new dimension. The skeleton then gave him a Pendant Of Frost. Frost put it on and was immediately feeling a sudden surge of new power. He can suddenly control the minds of the undead and command them at his will. The skeleton that gave him the pendant was gone. 
Few good years have past since the Frost Awakening. Frost was reported dead as his home had been abandoned for a good long while. Many speculate that the power consumed him as he got greedy, and the ancients had to end him. Others say, he's watching the tundras not revealing himself. Whatever happened to him, no one is certain. But all we know is that he is evil and must be stopped by you brave hero! So craft up his tomb and put an end to his reign.
Necromancer Of The Arctic Stats:
  • 250 Health
  • 10 Damage
  • Able to summon Ancient Skeletons around every 20 seconds
  • Quite fast
Id say have at least diamond armor or better when fighting.
  • Wrath Of The Ancients (Guaranteed)
  • Pendant Of The Arctic (Rare Drop)
  • Trophy (Guaranteed)
  • Drops many Frost related goodies!
Happy farming :)
This is what the Necromancer can spawn in
Up to 4 ancient frozen skeletons will be spawned in. They have a chance to drop what they are equipped with.
They are quite easy to kill, although they hit pretty hard. 
This is what they drop, this is ancient frozen armor. It cannot be crafted and is only dropped off the Necromancer or Ancient Skeletons.
Ancient Frozen Armor Stats:
  • 500 Durability
  • Same protection as iron
  • Enchantable.
There is also a sword that does 7 damage.
The item in my hand is the Wrath Of The Ancients. Its a warhammer. It does 12 damage, has 500 durability and has a unique ability when you use the eat button. This ability will deduct 10 durability each time. There is a 45 second cooldown however.
This is the Pendant Of The Arctic. It currently has no functionality other than 0.5 armor bars. Im looking for any ideas on what this should do! (This is your chest slot!)

Structure Showcase

Feel like watching instead of reading? Go ahead click the video then!
Thanks for checking out my addon! As always I plan to add more stuff :)


Please enable all 3

experimental modes!

If you are reviewing this on YouTube or anywhere else, please give me credits!!


Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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