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Planet of the Symbiotes: The Arrival of Venom

Planet of the Symbiotes: The Arrival of Venom
Addons for Minecraft PE
Symbiotes from the planet Klyntar have started invading Minecraft.
In order to survive this invasion, you must learn how to fight the symbiotes, and and utilize them to become stronger and evolve beyond human ability.
How long can you last?
 In this add-on, you'll be encountering a while new world of creatures that Minecraft has never before seen, but they're after your life.
     You will have to survive their wrath by evolving, but there are many ways to do this.
     This add-on introduces symbiotes from the Spider-Man comic book series into Minecraft to make the game much harder and more fun.
Starting off, there are nine symbiote mobs.
Black, red, purple, green, grey, white, orange blue, and yellow are all the colors of the symbiotes. These attack you by hitting you.
     Infected people will also spawn, and will be in all of the colors. They'll attack you by hitting you and by summoning symbiotes.
All symbiotes and infected spawn in specific biomes also. For example, black symbiotes and infected will spawn in any biome except the nether and the end. White symbiotes and infected spawn in cold biomes. You'll have to visit all of the biomes in Minecraft in order to meet all the symbiotes.
     The different colors of symbiotes also have their own unique weapons classes. For example, the green symbiote can summon minions to fight for you.
You can also get some Spider-Man gear to help fight the symbiotes also. This gear includes the suit, and several types of webbing. There's fire webbing, sonic webbing, sticky webbing, and the web line.
In order to get symbiote materials without fighting mobs, you can also mine symbiote colonies, which can be found underground and in mountains.
It'll typically be more effective to fight the mobs, since greater loot is dropped from them.
Pictures of all of the weapons.
There's also a custom Minecraft logo for this add-on, and I'm working on making a custom add-on image.
After powering up with a suit and some decent weapons, your next stop should be Venom.
In order to summon Venom, you'll need to follow this recipe.
Once you craft this, you should have a projectile, and once you throw that projectile, prepare, because you're about to face Venom's wrath. He's twice as large as you, and had the strength to back that size.
He can also summon several infected people at the same time, increasing the difficulty of this challenge.
If you can defeat this foe, you won't be disappointed, add he drops tons of loot after he dies. This is his loot table.
In order to become stronger, you'll have to beat Venom several times to get all of the required materials. This recipe will be your key to improving your old gear, which is required to get the Black Suit and other items.
The Black Suit provides double the defense of the red suit, and also vastly improves your other stats.
After crafting this suit, the Venom boss fight will be much easier, but still difficult. If you really want to get stronger, you'll have to beat Venom several more times and craft the Venom suit.
You'll be able to breathe underwater, and all of your other stats will be greater than the stats of the Black Suit. But this strength doesn't come without a price. I'd you go hungry, the poison and hunger effects will drain your life away, add the Venom symbiote will be consuming you from the inside out.
Also, the symbiote extractor is back, and with a new texture. It can also mine the colonies much faster now.


This addon works on 1.17, not just 1.16.
For Android devices:
Download the file.
Then, tap out click on the file in your file explorer.
Minecraft will automatically open up and finish the installation process.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.201


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