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Another Weapons v1.9

Another Weapons v1.9
Addons for Minecraft PE
In this addon i added 24 new weapons to the game, not just swords but many others. Easy to craft & balanced with neat textures that will not ruin your gameplay experience.

All items in this Addon
This add-on was easy to make so i would keep update this Addon anytime but the only thing make it so long to make is making the textures.
If you found/have issue, broken weapons, balance suggestions feel free to contact me privately on my Instagram @fandimobile, thank you.
- Here are the items And Recipes:
1. Metal stick
Used as material to craft Advanced weapons.
Item ID: pa:metal_stick
2. Iron Longsword
Higher damage and higher durability than normal Iron Sword.
Damage: 7 (Iron sword: 6)
Durability: 412 (Iron sword: 250)
Health: 20 (10 Hearts) (Normal)
Movement: 1× (Normal)
Item ID: pa:iron_longsword
3. Iron Rapier
Double the durability than normal Iron Sword.
Damage: 6
Durability: 525
Health: 20 (10 Hearts)
Movement: 1×
Item ID: pa:iron_rapier
4. Iron Lance
Bit weaker than Iron Sword & smaller size of the sword make you but more vulnerable but slightly increases move speed.
Damage: 6
Durability: 239
Health: 18 (9 Hearts)
Movement: 1.1×
Item ID: pa:iron_lance
5. Iron Greatsword
Very high damage & amazingly increased durability but reduces your speed due to the weight.
Damage: 8
Durability: 756
Health: 22 (11 Hearts)
Movement: 0.8×
Item ID: pa:iron_greatsword
6. Iron Dagger
Amazingly high damage & increased move speed but very poor durability & extremely vulnerable.
Damage: 10 > 8
Durability: 24
Health: 6 (3 Hearts)
Movement: 1.3×
Item ID: pa:iron_dagger
7. Iron Knife
Due to very light weight it greatly increases move speed but due to it's very vulnerable it's not for combat!
Damage: 3
Durability: 47
Health: 12 (6 Hearts)
Movement: 1.5×
Item ID: pa:iron_knife
8. Iron Pike
Deal less damage but increases move speed and better durability.
Damage: 5
Durability: 397
Health: 16 (8 Hearts)
Movement: 1.3×
Item ID: pa:iron_pike
9. Iron Hammer
Deal heavy damage & high durabilty, bit more weight shall not bother you, right?
Damage: 7
Durability: 586
Health: 20 (10 Hearts)
Movement: 0.9×
Item ID: pa:iron_hammer
10. Iron Glaive
Deal average damage, better durability, increases max hp.
Damage: 6
Durability: 412 > 525
Health: 22 (11 Hearts)
Movement: 1× > 0.9×
Item ID: pa:iron_glaive
11. Steel Ingot
Used as material to craft steel weapons.
Item ID: pa:steel_ingot
12. Steel Sword
Greater durabilty than original Iron Sword
Damage: 6
Durability: 764 > 740
Health: 20 (10 Hearts)
Movement: 1×
Item ID: pa:steel_sword
13. Steel Katana
Not-so-high durabilty, but absolutely has high damage, & mediumly vulnerable.
Damage: 8
Durability: 497 > 543
Health: 14 (7 Hearts)
Movement: 1.1×
Item ID: pa:steel_katana
14. Iron Sickle
Medium durabilty, average damage, light weight, but little vulnerable.
Damage: 6
Durability: 543
Health: 16 (8 Hearts)
Movement: 1.2×
Item ID: pa:steel_sickle
15. Steel Mace
High damage, Amazing durabilty, nicely Increases Max HP, but slows you a lot.
Damage: 7
Durability: 1376 > 1174
Health: 26 (13 Hearts)
Movement: 0.7×
Item ID: pa:steel_mace
Update 1.9:
-Recipe changes
16. Steel Shortsword
Light weapon that very strong durability as a light weapon & Increases movement speed without losing huge amount of hp.
Damage: 5
Durability: 291 > 279
Health: 16 (8 Hearts)
Movement: 1.3×
Item ID: pa:steel_shortsword
17. Steel Machete
Unique shaped weapon that has good durabilty with high damage but little bit heavy.
Damage: 7
Durability: 683 > 608
Health: 20 (10 Hearts)
Movement: 0.9×
Item ID: pa:steel_machete
Update 1.9:
-Recipe changes
18. Steel Waraxe
Dealing heavy damage with great durabilty.
Not for chopping trees!
Damage: 8
Durability: 817
Health: 22 (11 Hearts)
Movement: 0.8×
Item ID: pa:steel_waraxe
19. Steel Styche
Large medium-weight weapon with sharp edge capable of cutting through objects, dealing high damage.
Damage: 7
Durability: 591
Health: 20 (10 Hearts)
Movement: 0.85×
Item ID: pa:steel_styche
20. Steel Bat
Gives great amount of durability for cheap amount of resources, with this design, your awareness is increased and gives more hp.
Damage: 5
Durability: 857
Health: 22 > 20 (10 Hearts)
Movement: 1.1×
Item ID: pa:steel_bat
21. Heavy Gold ingot
Used as material to craft Advanced gold weapons, with more mass on it make these golds are now viable as Iron.
Item ID: pa:heavy_gold_ingot
22. Golden Broadsword
With better quality of gold and holder made of metal, creates new type of sword.
Damage: 6 > 5
Durability: 417
Health: 20 (10 Hearts)
Movement: 1×
Item ID: pa:golden_broadsword
23. Golden Saber
Dealing high damage with increasing movement speed but vulnerable.
Damage: 7 > 6
Durability: 394
Health: 16 (10 Hearts)
Movement: 1.1×
Item ID: pa:golden_saber
24. Golden Lance
This light weapon may deal low damage but has good durabilty with increase of movement speed.
Damage: 4 > 3
Durability: 320 > 349
Health: 18 (9 Hearts)
Movement: 1.3×
Item ID: pa:golden_lance
25. Golden Naginata
Long shaped weapon with sharp edge dealing average damage with good durability.
Damage: 5 > 4
Durability: 358 > 361
Health: 16 (8 Hearts)
Movement: 1.2× > 1.1×
26. Golden Hatchet
Deal nicely damage against enemies, increasing movement speed.
(Too OP before wtf was i thinking)
Damage: 6 > 4
Durability: 392 > 143
Health: 12 (6 Hearts)
Movement: 1.2×
To obtain All these weapons via command, use this:
"/function Another_Weapons"
Experimental (Beta) Weapons
These Experimental weapons are uncraftable from now on which means it is Creative-Exclusive.
1. Blowgun
Finally, the first, ranged weapon.
Shoots slowing-seeds.
(I know, i'm suck at making texture, don't judge me pls)
Type: Infinity
Damage: 2 > 4
Projectile velocity: 1.5
Projectile weight: 0.2
Shot delay: 5 seconds
This is an experimental weapon, of course it will cause some problems.
2. Emerald Blade
The first, powered-embed sword.
Damage: 7
Durability: 100
Health: 20
Movement: 1×
-Special Ability:
Gives Hero of village effect, which discounts villager trade offers.
- Repairing (Updated)
You can now properly repair these weapons on Anvil, repairing recover 100 to 200 durability for each Base item.
-Iron Weapons repaired by Iron Ingot.
-Steel Weapons repaired by Steel Ingot.
-Heavy Gold Weapons repaired by Heavy Gold Ingot.
- Enchanting
You are able to enchant these weapons on Enchantment Table and with Enchanted books on Anvils.
- Miscellaneous
I'm not make 1.16.100+ requirement just for enchanting and else, but in 1.16.100+ these items appears in Creative & Survival inventory.
But these items ordered weirdly for some reason.


There are 2 ways to install the add-on.
1. Open it as .zip file and move the resource and behavior pack folder into the Minecraft file (games/com.mojang/resource_packs & .../behavior_packs).
2. Open it as .mcaddon file, and open it with Minecraft then it will automatically installed.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100



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